Silver Screen HD RGB Video Cable consists of five proprietary dual micro mono-filament cables, one each to carry red, green and blue color signals as well as the horizontal and vertical synchronization information. This new design introduces more air space between the conductor and the FEP insulation reducing dielectric contact by more than 85%. The result is a cable which is physically smaller than conventional video cable but with much lower capacitance and resistance, resulting in higher signal speed and resolution. Silver Screen HD RGB cable is the ideal solution for projectors and HDTV monitors which require sparkling picture quality, depth of picture and superb edge definition. The reduction of insulation contact by more than 85% means that this cable has an extremely wide bandwidth and superb technical performance. Signal loss is very low, at less than 1.13db at 5MHZ over a 30 meter length. Silver Screen HD RGB cable is available terminated with either Nordost dedicated 75 Ohm RCA plugs or BNC connectors for data grade applications.

The list price for this item is £489.99 (1m - other lengths available). To place an order, or to find out more, please feel welcome to contact us.
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