Speed, detail, and an incredibly realistic presentation of the musical event are the qualities that set the flat array Valhalla speaker cable apart. This is (apart from Odin) the most neutral loudspeaker cable every developed. If you want to hear every nuance and musical detail with all the clarity and natural accuracy that your system is capable of, Valhalla sets the standard. The Valhalla Speaker Cable comes with Banana or Spade connectors.

"Whatever the musical demand, from the widest dynamic swing to the smallest gesture or expressive inflection, the Valhallas deliver."  Roy Gregory, Hi Fi + Issue 28
The list price for this item is £8219.99 (for 3m pair - other lengths available). To place an order, or to find out more, please feel welcome to contact us.

These cables come with our complimentary burn-in service so they arrive to you at their best! For more information about cable burn-in Click Here.
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