The Odin Supreme Reference Loudspeaker Cable uses twenty-four 20 AWG conductors made from 99.99999% oxygen free copper (OFC) with an extrusion of 85 microns of silver on the surface, deployed in a flat array arrangement. Each conductor is wound with a helical “Dual Mono-Filament” of Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) with an extruded FEP jacket. Careful matched conductors with a very high degree of concentricity and the precision in the manufacturing process results in a cable of superb sonic performance. The cable is arranged as four groups of six individual wires so that it can easily be configured for bi-wiring or bi-amping. The Odin Speaker Cable comes with Bi-Wire terminators or Spade connectors.

"If you are looking for a fairly subtle improvement from Odin you'll be wrong. The differences are massive." 
Alvin Gold, Hi-Fi Choice, The Collection 2007  

The list price for this item is £24,995 (3m pair - other lengths available). To place an order, or to find out more, please feel welcome to contact us.

These cables come with our complimentary burn-in service so they arrive to you at their best! For more information about cable burn-in Click Here.
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