Valhalla digital interconnect represents a significant technological advance, producing a reference digital cable of stunning performance and astonishing detail. This new cable utilizes an even more advanced dual micro mono-filament configuration, which further improves upon the mono-filament technology already employed in the rest of the Valhalla interconnects. This cable comes with either RCA, BNC or XLR connectors.

"Improvements in dynamic range, discrimination and musical presence were just as dramatic.. Crisper, more direct, more immediate and far more communicative. And all this from a digital interconnect? The Valhalla Digital is just as impressive as the rest of the range, enjoying the same margin of superiority over both the competition and its own cheaper siblings."  Roy Gregory, Hi Fi+ Issue 19 

The list price for this item is £1699.99 (1m - other lengths available). To place an order, or to find out more, please feel welcome to contact us.

These cables come with our complimentary burn-in service so they arrive to you at their best! For more information about cable burn-in Click Here.
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