CinemaFlex BassLine is a flat, shielded interconnect cable specifically developed for use in home theater systems. The CinemaFlex BassLine interconnects consist of six silver-plated, solid 24 AWG, 99.9999% OFC conductors. Each conductor is insulated with extruded FEP. The conductors are shielded with an aluminized Mylar shield and then sheathed in a layer of extruded FEP. Due to its flat, shielded design and low signal loss, it is ideal for running line-level signals in multi-channel applications. This cable is perfectly suited for running under carpets and inside baseboards or skirting boards because of its unique flat construction. This cable comes with either RCA or XLR connectors.

"The detail that the BassLine allows through is awesome, the bass seems to have dropped a full octave, and the midrange and treble are very natural and full.... A serious system upgrade, without a doubt, but one that you will never regret in the slightest."
Ultimate DVD Technology

The list price for this item is £149.99 (for 2m pair - other lengths are available). To place an order, or to find out more, please feel welcome to contact us.
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