You only get the best from your cables after several hunder hours of usage, but who wants to wait all that time before your prescious new cables are at their best? The solution is the Nordost Vidar cable burn in device. Just a couple of days in the Vidar and your cables will be at their best ready for you to use. We were amazed with the results ourselves and so we offer this service free of charge when you purchace selected cables from us.

We also offer this service for all of your cables, bought from us or anywhere else! List prices are below but may vary (up and down) subject to quantity and time required.  
4 Days (96 hours): £35

5 Days (120 hours): £45

7 Days (168 hours): £55

If you wish to send your new cables to us then prices do not include return postage and packaging which will vary depending on location etc.

To find out more about our burn in service please do contact us.
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